Goldenberries – South American Andean Superfood

The South American Andes region is famed for its historical past when it was thought of as being one of the world’s great ancient civilizations   The region was especially well known for its bounty of treasures in the form of fine arts, handicrafts, gems and precious metals.  Aside, from these financially lucrative and valuable objets d’art, the area also produces an edible treasure in the form of the goldenberry fruit.

Goldenberries (also known as physalis or cape gooseberries) are small, unassuming round orange fruits that are enclosed in loose, delicate, paper-like husks.  Primarily grown at high altitude in South America, these members of the nightshade family have been valued for centuries in the region for their health giving properties and nutritional benefits.  With their high levels of antioxidants, bioflavinoids, fibre, potassium and vitamins (A, B-Complex and C), they are considered to be a superfood.  They also taste delicious – their flavour profile is a balanced combination of sweetness and tartness.

Even though goldenberries are well known in their countries of origin, until relatively recently they were not commonly consumed in other countries.  Terrafertil is an organisation that works with 400 small growers in Ecuador and Colombia whose fruits are used to produce dried goldenberries and goldenberry juice for export purposes.

I spoke to Daniel Bermeo, the Managing Director of Terrafertil UK Ltd, who told me all about goldenberries and about the products that his organisation produces.

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