The Fresh Pasta Company

fresh pasta
Are you a fan of pasta like I am?  I especially love delectable stuffed pasta such as ravioli and tortelloni.  However, how much do you know about pasta and how it is produced?  Do you think dried and fresh pastas are interchangeable?  Do you think all commercially sold fresh pasta is the same?  Well I can tell you that they are not – I came across Shepherd’s Bush-based gourmet pasta company ‘The Fresh Pasta Company’ ( who make one of the most delicate, perfectly formed and delicious fresh pastas that I have tasted – they taste sublime.

The Fresh Pasta Company was started in 2004 by Cambridge-born, Argentinian-bred, half-Italian Mark Garcia-Oliver.  I visited Mark in his Shepherd’s Bush offices and heard the fascinating story of his company.  I was surprised to learn about the extent to which Italian cuisine has influenced mainstream Argentinian food.

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