National Vegetarian Week 2013: 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant

222 veg front

National Vegetarian Week is an annual event that celebrates and raises awareness of all things vegetarian in the UK.  In honour of this year’s Vegetarian Week (20th to 26th May), I visited one of my favourite meat free restaurants, West Kensington-based 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant.  222 Veggie Vegan opened in 2004 and is the brainchild of Ghanaian-born vegan chef extraordinaire, Ben Asamani.  

I first discovered Ben’s amazing food when he was a chef at Piccadilly-based Country Life Restaurant, which was my regular lunchtime haunts several years ago when I worked close to Oxford Circus.  My mainly non-vegetarian work colleagues and I were amazed that the predominantly vegan food that they served could be so delicious and flavourful – it really awakened our taste buds.  Fast forwarding to the mid-2000’s, a friend and I were browsing local vegetarian restaurants online when we came across 222 Veggie Vegan. We decided to try it out and the rest is history…

Having been a vegan since his teenage years, Ben is passionate about serving tasty, wholesome, healthy food to his customers.  All dishes are prepared to order using fresh natural ingredients, and techniques which preserve their taste and nutritional value.  Ben also caters to the needs of diners who have special dietary requirements, e.g. people who follow raw food diets or have food intolerances.

One of my favourite things about 222 Veggie Vegan is their sumptuous daily lunchtime buffet that comprises of a choice of 6 hot dishes and 6 salads.  In the evening, the restaurant serves an À la carte menu which offers customers a wide range of starters, salads, main courses, side dishes and tempting desserts.  The selection of main courses that Ben lovingly prepares is diverse and international, ranging from Stroganoff and stir fry, to risotto and Raclette.

222 food

Ben told me the story of 222 Veggie Vegan, as well as about his philosophy towards food and future visions for the restaurant.

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