Pistachio Rose

Do you love desserts in the form of decadent cakes, pastries and biscuits? How about exotic, aromatic, succulent Indian desserts? Well I can definitely answer yes to both of these questions. So, I was really happy when I came across a fantastic Fulham-based, Indian-inspired boutique bakery called Pistachio Rose (www.pistachiorose.co.uk/) at the Alchemy Festival at the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank.  I think Pistachio Rose is a lovely name as it brings up so many happy, floral foodie connotations.

The founder of Pistachio Rose, Rekha Mehr has delved into her Anglo-Indian roots to create an elegant, innovative, selction of sweet baked goods that reflect the dual aspects of her culinary heritage. Here is a photo of her signature cake – the Pistachio Rose cake which was inspired by the Indian sweet Gulab Jamun.
pistachio rose
As well as the Pistachio Rose cake, Rekha also produces a range of aromatically spiced chocolate tarts, chocolaty dessert naans, melt-in-the-mouth shortbread biscuits, macaroons, and Indo-French mini Madeleines.

Here is my interview with Rekha from May 2012, where she told me about the origins and story of Pistachio Rose.

Fast forwarding to October 2012… I was invited to a special event that Pistachio Rose hosted at School of Wok to introduce and launch a new exciting venture: an Indian-inspired elegant tea banquet known as High Chai.  This event also marked the beginning of Chocolate Week 2012 and celebrated the 2nd phase of Pistachio Rose products being launched in Fortnum and Mason.

The Pistachio Rose High Chai experience is an indulgent opportunity to enjoy all of Rekha’s delicious goodies, with the addition of a glass of Prosecco, decadent white chocolate Bollywood Blondies and a trio of savoury Indian canapes.

No High Tea would be complete without a cup of tea.  Once again Pistachio Rose does not disappoint, premium teas from boutique tea company Lalani & Co have been specially selected to complement the High Chai.

Once again, here is Rekha telling me about her High Chai launch.

The launch night was a great success that won the approval of my fellow food bloggers and journalists who attended.  Here is what some of them said about the evening.

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