The Little Greek Pie Company

Little Greek Pie Company
In honour of British Pie Week 2012, I decided to find an extra special London-based pie producer with a difference to feature on my weekly radio show, Food for Thought.  My main search criteria were to find a company that reflected the diverse culture of our great city, and makes its pies to a high standard in taste, quality and range of ingredients used.  I was really happy to find the wide breadth and range of both traditional and more contemporary pies that are being produced.  However after much deliberation, I discovered and visited Bloomsbury-based pie cafe The Little Greek Pie Company ( and tried their sublime pies, which are known in Greek as ‘pitas’.

Greek pitas are filo pastry crusted pies that can be made with either savoury or sweet fillings.  One of the most commonly known pitas in the UK is a spinach-filled pita called spanakopita.  Pitas are an important integral part of the Greek diet, with recipes and pie filling varieties varying from region to region.

The Little Greek Pie Company’s pitas were really superb – tasty, wholesome and full of Greek sunshine.  My favourite variety was their succulent wild rice, spinach and feta pita.  As well as enjoying my pita, I also spoke to The Little Greek Pie Company’s Canadian-Greek founder and owner, Angelo Kleftakis.  Via his stories and anecdotes, he taught me a lot about the philosophy and values behind Greek food culture.  Angelo also shared with me the story of his fascinating journey from being an enthusiastic amateur cook to running a business making lovingly handcrafted pitas.

You can hear the interview in full below.

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