Kara Dairy Free

kara dairy free

In early April 2012, I was at the Natural and Organic Products Europe Show (http://www.naturalproducts.co.uk/) at London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre.  It is an exciting annual trade show that I see as being like looking into a foodie crystal ball to gauge future UK food trends.

One overwhelming current food trend that has been growing in momentum over the last few years and months has been the prevalence of an increasing number of coconut-based products.  There were lots of brands of coconut water and raw virgin coconut oils at the show.  I’m particularly interested in coconut products as a lot is being said on the food grapevine about the health benefits to be gained from incorporating them into your diet.

One unique product that stood out from the sea of coconut oils and waters was Kara Dairy Free coconut milk (now known as Koko Dairy Free http://www.kokodairyfree.com/) which is tasty, low in fat and calcium-rich.  I feel that it is a really viable alternative to cow’s milk (especially for people who suffer from lactose intolerance) that is very palatable and pleasant to drink.  It is available in 3 classic flavours: original, chocolate & strawberry – the chocolate variety is my favourite as chocolate milk is one of my guilty pleasures.

I spoke David Armstrong, the commercial manager of Kara/Koko Dairy Free who told me more about his healthy, tasty coconut milk.

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