Vegusto UK

National Vegetarian Week is an annual event that celebrates and raises awareness of all things vegetarian in the UK.  In 2012, in recognition of this important week for the vegetarian world, I decided to feature innovative veggie food producers on my Food for Thought radio show – it was my veggie food heroes special.

During the weekend leading up to National Vegetarian Week, I was at the Allergy and Free From Show at London Olympia and was really excited to discover a company called Vegusto UK that produce tasty, realistic alternatives to meat in the form of burgers and sausages, as well as a large range of vegan, dairy free cheeses.  The high quality of their cheeses was recognised at last year’s Free From Food Awards, where their mild aromatic cheese won the prestigious FAIR trophy for the Best Free From Food in 2012.

I spoke to the director of Vegusto UK, Mark Galvin to find out more about their amazing products.

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