The UK soft drinks market is extremely crowded with countless products on offer in both the established populist and health food market segments.  I am generally most interested in the latter market segment and really love soft drinks that taste great, and have nutritional value and potential health benefits too as an added bonus.

So, I was really excited when I came across a Putney-based company called The Botanical Drinks Company at last year’s Vitality Show at Earls Court.  They recently launched a drink called Lull (, that they describe as being like drinking “a day at the spa in a bottle”.  In other words, its a drink designed to make you feel good on the inside and the outside.

I really like Lull as I feel that its a really innovative, original product.  So how does it taste? Its a light, fruity, herbal drink that is akin to drinking a flavourful herbal tea in the form of a delicious soft drink.  You can really taste and savour the refreshing combination of lavender, berries and botanical extracts that it contains.  As well as being an excellent thirst quencher, I think that Lull would work really well as a post-yoga or workout drink.

I spoke to the founder of The Botanical Drinks Company, Claire Lettice who told me more.

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