Real Bread Campaign

Bread is an food that is consumed in the majority of households in the UK and around the globe.  It is considered to be a basic staple food and is often called the “staff of life”.

The Real Bread Campaign ( is an organisation that educates and informs the general public about “real bread” – fresh baked bread that is free of unnecessary artificial additives and contains ingredients that your Grandmother would recognise.  They also advocate local production, in the form of community supported baking and home baking.

I spoke to the coordinator of the Real Bread Campaign, Chris Young, about what his organisation does.  We discussed the bread industry in the UK and the impact that the revolutionary 1961 Chorleywood process of producing industrialised mass produced has had on the way the population consumes bread.  We also talked about salt content in bread, supermarket ‘fresh baked’ bread, and the concept and definition of artisan bread.  Chris told me about how the Real Bread Campaign is making inroads at a grassroots level to spead the word about real bread and to enable people to enjoy better bread.

You can hear my interview with Chris in full by clicking on the play button below.

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