Karimah’s Cuisina

Muslim Cooking
As well as being interested in how food and culture interact and impact each other, I am also fascinated by faith based cooking and eating, and traditions of fasting and feasting.  Hence I was really excited when a good friend and fellow broadcaster, Debbie Golt introduced to Karimah bint Dawood.  Karimah is a TV presenter, a food blogger (karimahscuisina.wordpress.com/), and author of ‘Heavenly Bites: the best of Muslim Home Cooking’.  She runs a food-related charitable organization ‘Karimah’s Cuisina’ and is a curious foodie like myself.  Prior to meeting Karimah, my knowledge of Islamic cuisine was limited to a very basic, superficial knowledge of the dietary rules of Halal / Haraam food and the way that Muslims eat during Ramadan.

I invited Karimah to be a guest on the ‘Food for Thought’ radio show in June 2012. During the show, we had an interesting discussion about Karimah’s personal foodie journey as a convert to Islam, as well as about her cookbook and the world of Islamic food.

You can hear the interview in full by clicking on the play button below.

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