Black Garlic UK

Black Garlic

Are you a fan of garlic? I absolutely love garlic – it adds piquancy to everyday foodstuffs and has multiple, proven health benefits at the same time too – it really is a perfect superfood.

At last year’s Natural and Organic Food Show in Olympia, I came across a company called Black Garlic UK ( who produce a tasty, healthy, aged form of garlic, that is known as black garlic. Black garlic’s historic origins lie in the Far East, and it is created via the process of controlled fermentation of raw white garlic.  The resulting black garlic is a very different product to the unfermented garlic that it is made from.  Flavourwise, it has a sweeter, mellower, kind of balsamic taste and does not make your breath smell.  In terms of usage, it tastes amazing in soups, stews and risottos, as well as in its raw form straight from the bulb or tub.  Black garlic also has enhanced health and nutritional benefits when compared with regular garlic – it has higher levels of antioxidants and is easy for the body to digest and absorb.

To find out more, I spoke to one of the Directors of Black Garlic UK, Richard Greenyer.

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