Ginger Love

As a non-drinker of the tea and coffee, I’m always on the lookout for new innovative hot beverages that serve as viable alternatives to hot chocolate, herbal teas, and fruit teas.  At the 2012 London Coffee Festival ( in Brick Lane, I was really fascinated to discover a new Belgian product called Ginger Love ( that was being launched in the UK hot beverage market.

I met the drink’s enthusiastic, effervescent, passionate creator, Alain Indria who told me the story of Ginger Love and offered me a sample to taste.  How could I refuse? I really liked its warm, rounded, zingy flavour.  It’s a delicious, caffeine-free combination of citrus fruits and ginger, that is a comforting hug-in-a-mug.  Ginger Love is also a relatively healthy drink as it provides all the positive health benefits associated with ginger consumption and is soothing when you are feeling under the weather.

As well being the inventor of Ginger Love, Alain also runs Antwerp-based health food shop and cafe, Lombardia (, which has been operated by his family since 1972.  Lombardia specialism is serving tasty, wholesome vegetarian, vegan and organic food.  I’m looking forward to sampling their delicious fare on my next trip to Belgium.  Watch this space…

Here is my interview with Alain.

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