Cocofina Coconut Water

Cocofina-Coconut-Water-And-FlavoursI love coconut water , its one of my not-so-guilty, guilty pleasures.  It tastes great, its a good source of vitamins and minerals, and its the best thirst quencher and hydrator that I have ever drunk.

For many years, coconut water has been savoured straight from fresh, young green coconuts in tropical regions of Brazil, India, south east Asia, the Caribbean, and anywhere else where coconut palms grow.  In the last couple of years, a celebrity endorsed trend for consuming pre-packaged coconut water has been rapidly spreading across the USA and the UK.  The increased demand for this magical clear-coloured elixir is reflected in the number of coconut water brands that are now available.  The flavour profiles of these pre-packaged coconut waters vary from brand to brand depending on the breed and country of origin of the coconuts that it is extracted from.

Myself, I really like the clean, sweet taste of coconut water from coconuts that have been grown and harvested in Thailand.  At this year’s Natural and Organic Products Europe show at London Olympia, I spoke to Jacob Thundil, the founder and director of a company called Cocofina that produces Thai coconut water.  Jacob told me the story of his company, as well as about their comprehensive range of coconut waters and other coconut products.

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