The Coconut Revolution continues… Coconom coconut sugar

Coconut-based products are very much the flavour of the month in the world of health food and beyond.  Coconut water, milk, yogurt and cold pressed virgin coconut oil are becoming increasingly prevalent in the nation’s food vocabulary.  This prevalence is further boosted by various health benefits that coconut products are deemed to have.

Equally, ‘healthy’, natural sweeteners that can be used as sugar substitutes are also a growing market.  Products such as stevia, agave syrup and fruit based sweeteners are gaining popularity with British consumers and commercial food producers alike.

I recently discovered an exciting new brand called Coconom that fits neatly into both of these market sectors.  Coconom have recently launched their first product: an organic, ethically sourced, Indonesian coconut sugar.  Coconut sugar is a delicious, nutrient-dense product that is produced from coconut tree blossoms, via a process of evaporation and crystallisation.  Its flavour profile is akin to a soft, rounded brown sugar with honeycomb and caramel undertones.

I spoke to Michelle Kilgour, one of the co-founders of Coconom about the inspiration behind setting up their brand.

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