Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea

mirabilia olive leaf tea
Drinking tea has been a major part of British life and culture since the 17th century.  A wide variety of diverse teas are consumed and savoured on a daily basis throughout the nation, ranging from gourmet black teas and builder’s tea, to herbal infusions and green tea.

I was very excited to discover a new kind of tea at this year’s Natural and Organic Products Europe event at London Olympia.  Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea was set up by Bimbi Bellhouse and Kim Evans to produce organic olive leaf tea from the finest hand picked leaves from their olive groves, located in a historic olive growing region in Abruzzo, Italy.

While I was at the Mirabilia stand, I spoke to Bimbi about their unique tea.  I was captivated and fascinated to learn about how it is produced, as well as about its comprehensive set of health benefits.  Naturally, I was also curious to taste their tea, as I am with all new interesting food products.  And what was my verdict?  I really enjoyed my refreshing cup of olive leaf tea – it was a delicious infusion that had a lovely delicate, rounded mellow flavour profile.  

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