CanO Water

We live in an age where caring for the environment and treading lightly on our planet has progressively become a high priority on the collective agenda for our global family. As time is passing and we are learning more about the implications of our present consumption behaviour, we are progressively developing a new lexicon of environment-related terms, and the rules and goal posts of what it really means to be environmentally sound are shifting and changing.

One prominent area where this progressive change has been occurring is the food and drink industry. One of the issues that is being tackled by food manufacturers, supermarkets and consumers alike, is how to reduce our over-reliance on single use plastic bottles and packaging. Single use plastic is now considered to be public enemy number one, as a relatively small amount of it gets recycled and the remainder goes to landfill where it slowly degrades, rather than biodegrades. During the degradation process, toxic chemicals are released.

So how did it all start…?

During the latter half of the 20th century, the emergence of lightweight, low cost plastic manufacturing instigated an industry-wide transition from glass bottles and packaging to plastic ones. The rest is history!

The bottled water market is one of many that has been going under the environmental magnifying glass. Single use plastic is the most common material that mineral and spring water bottles are made from. The market has been examining the alternatives. Glass bottles have pre-dated plastic, but are breakable and heavy. Re-usable bottles rely on people carrying them and being able to find refilling stations.

How about canned spring water?

Canned water pioneers CanO Water was established to be a viable alternative to bottled water. This young, innovative company have created and designed cans of natural spring water that are resealable and 100% recyclable.

I spoke to Ariel, one of the co-founders of CanO Water, who told me more about their cool water brand. You can hear the interview by clicking on the play button below.

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