Ein Harod Silan Date Syrup

Kibbutz is a unique Israeli concept based on the idea of collective communities and agriculture. Faith-based and with a strong communal living culture, the first Kibbutzim were established in the early 20th century.

Located in the north of the country near Mount Gilboa, Ein Harod Kibbutz was founded in 1921 and was the first large Kibbutz in Israel. Part agricultural/part industrial, Ein Harod grow a wide range of food crops which are sold in the Israeli market. They also use their dates to produce a Middle Eastern date syrup known as silan, that is both sold in Israel and exported to Europe.

Considered to be akin to a date honey, silan has traditionally been used as a cooking ingredient. However, in modern times and in our diverse food culture, silan has moved with the times and is consumed and savoured with yoghurt and ice cream, and in smoothies.

I spoke to Madeleine Shaked, the Import & Export Manager of Ein Harod, about her Kibbutz and their produce. You can hear the interview by clicking on the play button below.

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