ZiBA Foods

Afghanistan’s farmers have a long history of growing flavourful, pesticide-free, indigenous heirloom varieties of wild-grown dried fruits and nuts. However, a lack of stable export infrastructure, quality control and fair trading arrangements have prevented these products from reaching their full potential on the the world stage in international markets.

I recently discovered a American-Afghan company called ZiBA foods (zibafoods.com/) who are working directly with Afghan farmers to grow a selection of fruit and nuts for the American, European and Asian markets. They are a socially conscious enterprise who have based their operations entirely in Afghanistan. ZiBA Foods provides stable incomes to Afghan farmers, and have created employment opportunities for Afghan women, who form the majority of their workforce.

I spoke to Patrick Johnson, a co-founder of ZiBA Foods, about the work that they are doing to put Afghan fine produce on the global food lovers map. You can hear the interview by clicking on the play button below.

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