Glean Vegetable Flours and Powders

Food waste is a growing issue both for consumers and food producers. Inefficiencies in the food supply cycle and modern farming practices are some of the main causes. Heightened awareness about this issue has encouraged organisations to look at food waste reduction as being a high priority.

Gluten free flours are very popular with consumers who have dietary sensitivity to gluten or are experimenting with gluten free diets. Equally, plant and vegetable based products are gaining traction and popularity with consumers who are looking to try something different or are trying to incorporate more veggies into their diets.

I recently discovered an American company hailing from Snow Hill, NC called Glean who have developed a range of plant-based, gluten free flours and powders that make use of vegetables from farmers, that would normally have gone to waste. Vegetables are gleaned from certified farmers and transformed into flours that can be used in a multitude of ways. Cakes, smoothies, pizza bases etc… all it takes is a little creativity and imagination. Also, Glean operate a ‘pound for pound’ scheme where for every pound of flour that is sold, they donate a pound to communities who are fighting poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

I spoke to Will Kornegey, one of the co-founders of Glean, who told me all about his innovative company. You can hear the interview by clicking on the play button below.

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