Chocolate Week 2013: Salon du Chocolat London


Chocolate Week is an annual, decadently delicious celebration of fine flavoured chocolate, and the work of the top chocolatiers and chocolate companies who create it.  This year, Chocolate Week was held from 14th to 20th October, and was embraced by Britain’s best chocolate makers, purveyors of high quality chocolate and chocolate connoisseurs, via a wide variety of special events such as tastings, workshops, and indulgent chocolate afternoon teas.

Chocolate Week 2013 was an extra special experience for me as, as well as judging at the World Finals of the International Chocolate Awards, I also attended a 3 day chocolaty extravaganza, Salon du Chocolat London, that rounded off the week.  Salon du Chocolat is the world’s largest chocolate show, that has hosted chocolate events in more than 23 cities around the world.

Being at the show provided chocolate lovers, like myself, with a unique opportunity to sample, savour and buy some of the world’s best artisan and specialty chocolate, all under one roof at London Olympia.  Pictures of my favourite delectable chocolates, some of which are truly works of art, can be found by following this link to my Salon du Chocolat gallery page.


One of the other main highlights of the event was Salon du Chocolat’s world famous chocolate fashion show which featured stunning couture outfits made and inspired by chocolate, and designed by top chocolatiers and some of the UK’s most exciting fashion designers.  As you can see below, the outfits were flamboyant, innovative and amazing.

20131020_150049 20131020_150114 20131020_150125 20131020_150143 20131020_150201 20131020_150209 20131020_150221 20131020_15024020131020_150323 20131020_150338 20131020_150349 20131020_15044920131020_150436 20131020_150501 20131020_150522

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