Smorgasburg: a Brooklyn foodie institution


Last Sunday, I decided to extend my reach beyond my usual foodie stomping ground of Manhattan and visited the highly acclaimed and recommended Brooklyn foodie institution of Smorgasburg.  Located in Williamsburg every Saturdays and DUMBO every Sunday, Smorgasburg is a unique food market operated by Brooklyn Flea that specialises in fusion food, street food and specialty produce.

I was really impressed by the range of innovative food being sold, especially the international and fusion food selections.  With fare ranging from hot dogs with Asian-inspired toppings from Asian Dog and Japanese inspired Mexican street food from Takumi Taco to goat cheese, dates, honey and pecan paranthas from Parantha Alley, I was really spoiled for choice when deciding what to eat.

Here is a photograph of one of my favourite snacks of the day: delicious spinach and zucchini pupusas served with salad and sour cream, from an El Salvadorian street food company, Solber Pupusas.  Pupusas are grilled corn masa patties that are hand shaped and stuffed with cheese and a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings.   This was my first experience of eating food from El Salvador and I loved it.

You can see a selection of photos that I took around Smorgasburg by following this link.

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