Starseed Sacha Inchi

We live in a world inhabited by an exciting array of exotic, nutrient-dense, plant-based foods which are indigenous to far flung locations around the world. They often form part of the ancient, secret folklores and oral histories of communities who inhabit these area. One of the byproducts of globalisation is that many of these previously unknown foods are being cultivated, grown sustainably and exported. As these products are being discovered in the West, they are enriching people’s diets and have contributed towards the age of the ‘super food’.

One such area that has hidden many food secrets and emerging super foods is the Amazonian rain forest area of South America. Lush humid conditions and a lack of direct sunlight have proven to be ideal growing conditions for a multitude of these crops. One lesser known Amazonian super food is the sacha inchi seed.

High in both protein and essential omega fats, sacha inchi seeds are often mistaken as being a nut due to their mild, nutty flavour. This is further reflected in the fact that the name sacha inchi translates from the local Andean Quechua language to English as wild peanut. The sachi inchi plant grows at high altitudes and seeds are harvested from it’s dried, ripened fruit. Raw seeds are inedible, but after they have been roasted, they can be consumed.

Amazon Health Products work with family farms in Peru to grow high quality sacha inchi seeds and produce a range of products under the brand name Starseed. I spoke to Juan Benavides, the company’s director, to learn more about the work that they do with sacha inchi seeds. You can hear the interview by clicking on the play button below.


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