SHØRE The Scottish Seaweed Company

Edible seaweed is a sea vegetable or sea herb that is most frequently found in coastal cuisines around the world. It has strong associations with Far Eastern cookery and is best known as a key ingredient of sushi, in the form of dried sheets of nori.

However, there is far more to seaweed than nori, as I discovered when I came across a company called SHØRE The Scottish Seaweed Company. I learnt that edible seaweed is an umbrella term for a family of nutrient dense, sustainable sea crops that grow without any human input. SHØRE operate a year round operation where they harvest several varieties of seasonal seaweed from pristine waters off the very far tip of Scotland, in Wick.

As well as being purveyors of high quality seaweed, SHØRE’s unique selling point is that they incorporate their seaweeds into everyday, ready to eat prepared foods and snacks. This enables consumers who do not have experience of cooking with seaweeds to effortlessly get it’s health benefits.

I spoke to Keith, the Managing Director of SHØRE, about his company’s seaweeds and their first line of snack foods: SHØRE seaweed puffs. You can hear the interview by clicking on the play button below.

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