Food waste related to food surpluses is rife in the UK, and is very much part of a global epidemic. Many large and small companies are trying to make a difference by finding innovative solutions and ways of tackling this preventable issue.

During a visit to Whole Foods Market on High Street Kensington, while browsing their extensive hummus section, I was really excited to discover a brand called ChicP, that is making use of surplus vegetables, to produce a range of unique, vibrant coloured hummuses. With flavour combinations like carrot, ginger and turmeric; and beetroot,horseradish and sage, hummus purists may question the authenticity of these products and whether they are really hummus. However, to me, their flavour combinations, and use of fresh produce sounded fantastic and sang to my taste buds. And yes…, they were as delicious as they sounded!

I spoke to Hannah McCollum, the founder of ChicP, who told me the story about her company. You can hear the interview by clicking on the play button below.

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