Wholebeing Health Foods SugaVida

Sweet foods are some of the most enticing to the human palate and taste buds all around the world.  However, the global population’s love affair with foods sweetened with refined sugars has been effected by growing awareness of links between diabetes, obesity, and other health conditions with the excess consumption of sugar.  Hence, in a world where there is a concurrent trend towards super foods from exotic climes, there is a growing appetite for nutrient-dense super food sweeteners.  Along with raw honey and maple syrup; curious foodies (like myself) and people looking for more holistic ways of sweetening their food, and are discovering products such as coconut blossom sugar, agave syrup and lucuma.

I recently discovered a company called Wholebeing Health Foods, whose area of expertise lies in nutrient dense foods inspired by the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine.  One of their flagship products, SugaVida is an organic natural sweetener sourced from the tapped sap of the Palmyra palm tree that is native to India and Sri Lanka.  The company works directly with farmers’ cooperatives to ensure that they are paid a fair wage.

Aside from having a smooth, rich, caramel-like sweetness; SugaVida is a good source of B complex vitamins and key beneficial minerals.  It also has an alkalizing effect on the body and is a low GI food.

I recently spoke to the company’s founder, Kristina Locke, about the story of her company and their fascinating range of products.  You can hear the interview in full by clicking on the play button below.

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