Pizza a Casa Pizza School

pizza a casa logo

During my foodie explorations of New York City, I have tasted and experienced many of the city’s delicious culinary treasures.  But, how could any trip to the Big Apple be complete without looking at one of this gastronomic metropolis’ quintessential foods?  So, which food am I talking about? Of course, it’s pizza.

Pizzas were first brought to the United States in the late nineteenth century by Italian immigrants.  From the latter half of the twentieth century onwards, their popularity nationwide has skyrocketed to the extent that New York, in common with Chicago, has adopted its own unique style of pizza.  Whereas Chicago style pizzas are thick crusted, deep dish pizza pies; New York’s multitude of pizzerias produce large, hand-tossed, thinner crusted pizzas.

While wandering around Manhattan’s Lower East Side, I discovered New York’s best kept pizza lovers’ secret: Pizza a Casa.  Pizza a Casa, which translates from Italian as Pizza at Home, was founded by Mark Bello four years ago and is a pizza school that teaches home cooks how to make their own pizzeria quality pizzas.

Mark took some time out of his busy teaching schedule to tell me the story of Pizza a Casa.  He also gave me some insights and tips about how to make a perfect pizza.  You can hear the interview by clicking on the play button below.


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