Hodmedod’s Great British peas and beans – 2014 update

hodmedod update About a year ago I discovered Hodmedod’s, a unique company that sources and sells beans, peas, and pulses that are grown by British farms.  At the time, I spoke to one of the company’s co-founders Josiah Meldrum, who told me the story of Hodmedod’s. You can read last year’s blog post and hear my interview with Josiah by following this link.

I recently caught up with Josiah again to get a progress check about his company and their produce.  What a difference a year makes… Hodmedod’s are continuing to thrive as word is spreading about their philosophy and growing range of beans and peas.

One of their most exciting new products is British grown white quinoa. Quinoa, a popular nutritional powerhouse which is usually exported to the UK and beyond from South America, is being cultivated by Essex-based farmer, Peter Fairs. quinoa

Aside from their range of dried legumes, Hodmedod’s recently launched 3 types of canned beans that make use of their flagship fava beans. In my opinion, the product in this range that really captures the essence of the Hodmedod’s brand is the reinvention of the classic baked bean, in the form of their Baked British Beans.

Looking to the not so distant future, Josiah told me about some new British crops, such as red haricot beans and gigantes beans, that will be available in specialty and fine food stores in the next couple of months.

You can hear my updated interview with Josiah by clicking on the play button below.

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