The Chocolate Museum


As readers of this blog will already know, one of my foodie passions is chocolate.  So, I was really excited to discover one of London’s best kept chocolate lovers secrets: The Chocolate Museum in Brixton.

The Chocolate Museum was established in March 2013 by French chocolatier and creator of Melange Chocolate, Isabelle Alaya.  It was set up as an independent museum, with the simple mission of educating people about quality chocolate and its history, both in Britain and worldwide.

So what will you see and experience when you come to visit the Chocolate Museum?  I visited the museum last week and was really impressed by their collection of historic chocolate memorabilia and artifacts.  Ranging from chocolate pitchers, boxes and cups, to advertisements and chocolate-making moulds, it was fascinating to see how chocolate was used and consumed in the past.  Here are some of my favourite exhibits from the museum’s collection.

ChocoMus_bluecup ChocoMus_box IMG_1216_b IMG_2577

Some more highlights of my afternoon at the museum were their engaging, beautifully illustrated posters that tell visitors the story of chocolate.  It was really interesting to read about the history and folklore of chocolate, how cacao is grown, and how chocolate is produced and consumed.

choc posters

Another more hands-on part of the museum’s educative function, is that they run interactive activities, tastings, and workshops which teach both children and adults about chocolate, as well as how to use and appreciate it.

A fitting end to my afternoon sojourn into the world of chocolate was a moment of reflection in the museum’s cafe.  Over a delicious cup of Isabelle’s expertly blended hot chocolate, I spoke to her about the story of the museum and about a forthcoming landmark event in its history: the museum’s first anniversary on 15th March.  You can hear my interview with Isabelle by clicking on the play button below.

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