International Chocolate Awards 2013

chocolate awards
Loved by people of all ages around the world, chocolate is a very unique food.  It is frequently eaten as a naughty-but-nice snack food treat between meals, and health professional and the media alike sing the praises of 70% dark chocolate for its high antioxidant content and related health benefits.  Raw foodists also consume cacao in its raw form and consider it to be a super food.

Aside from all of these chocolate and cacao lovers, there is a growing trend in the chocolate world of producers and consumers who think of and treat chocolate as an exclusive gourmet food akin to fine wine or olive oil.  One of the global initiatives that has been set up in recognition of the growing number of high quality chocolate makers and chocolatiers around the world is the International Chocolate Awards.

The International Chocolate Awards were established in 2012 as a competition and celebration of the world’s best fine quality artisan chocolate products.  Co-founded by Kate Johns (festival director for Chocolate Week) and Martin Christy (founder of Seventy% and fine chocolate consultant), the awards are proving to be a great success, and respected symbol of credibility, integrity and excellence both within the chocolate industry and for people who love single origin and fine chocolates.

This year I was a judge at the competition’s European and Americas semi finals that were held in London and New York City, respectively.  It was truly an honour and a privilege to be able to experience the impressive array of delicious, innovative chocolates that were submitted as entries.  During the Americas round at the end of June, I spoke to Martin Christy about the history of the awards, as well as about exciting developments that are happening in the world of fine chocolate.

You can hear my interview with Martin in full by clicking on the play button below.

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