Shanley Farms Finger Limes

finger limes
One of the most exciting things about being a food blogger and journalist is the thrill of finding new products and food heroes.  I had one such special moment at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show when I discovered some refreshing new fruits called Finger Limes that are grown by Californian specialty produce growing companyShanley Farms.

Finger limes are a member of the micro citrus genus and are indigenous to Australia, where they grow in the wild.  Measuring roughly an inch in length, these small green fruits have a unique taste and texture when compared with larger citrus fruits.  When cut in half, the interior flesh of each finger lime consists of tiny juice vesicles or pearls that produce a tart lemony-limey flavour when bitten.  These citrus pearls are increasingly being used by chefs and home cooks, and are seen as being akin to a kind of citrus or vegan caviar.

Shanley Farms was started by businessman Jim Shanley in 1998 as part of his retirement plan.  He was subsequently bitten by the farming bug and even though he is officially retired, he sometimes works 14 hours per day.  Jim discovered finger limes at a Citrus Variety Collection in the University of California and decided to start cultivating them in one of his groves.

You can hear my interview with Jim Shanley in full by clicking on the play button below.

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