Santé Nuts: Celebrate Life Every Day

santeIn the business world there are many successful companies, both large and small, that have started from humble beginnings, and have triumphed over adversity to achieve their goals.  At this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show, I met one such company with an exemplary inspiring story: Californian roasted nut specialists, Santé.

Santé was the brainchild of Sara Tidhar.  Her motive for entering the food industry was as a means to provide a source of income for her family following her divorce from her husband.  Initially, she started out by producing and selling baked goods to small local coffee shops.  As time passed and as her experience grew, Sara started sending samples of nuts made according to her family’s secret recipe to various companies.  That’s when the business began to expand and really took off.

Trader Joe’s loved her nuts and requested a purchase order.  With no manufacturing facilities, business experience or workforce employed, Sara’s faced a steep and daunting learning curve.  However, her hard work and determination paid off and she succeeded in fulfilling her orders, and Santé Specialty foods was established in 2004.

Fast forwarding to 2013, Santé is thriving and Sara’s range of delicious nuts, which are still made to her uncompromising high production standards, are now available in Trader Joe’s as well as in fine food stores across the United States.


As well as having an inspiring story behind them, Sara’s nuts are delicious.  They are flavourful and texturally have a light crispness, without being oily or greasy. Here is a close-up view of her moreish Cinnamon Pecans.


I spoke to Sara’s son and Santé’s Business Development Manager, Navot at the company’s stand at the Fancy Food Show.  He told me more about his mother’s amazing journey.  To hear my interview with him in full, click on the play button below.

1 thought on “Santé Nuts: Celebrate Life Every Day

  1. Having adversity in my life, I am truly inspired by all you have accomplished. While food may not be my forte, I feel your story has a message of hope that transcends to those whose lives mimics your own. Congratulations on your much deserved success…

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