Hodmedod’s Great British peas and beans

Beans and pulses have always been an important part of my diet.  I love the veritable plethora of wholesome dals and bean-based curries that are an integral part of my dietary and culinary heritage.  Nutritionally, they are a low fat source of protein and form part of a healthy balanced diet.

Since I aspire to eat as much local produce as possible, my only niggling regret about the legumes that I relish is the fact that they are all grown in foreign climes and have a resultant big carbon footprint.  Hence, I was really excited when I discovered an East Anglia based company called Hodmedod’s.

Hodmedod’s was founded by Nick Saltmarsh, Josiah Meldrum and William Hudson in 2012 following the successful Great British Beans trial project which was run to stimulate and assess the demand for indigenous pulses.  This project was run by Provenance for East Anglia Food Link as part of its Norwich Resilient Food Project.

The company currently sources and sells a range of lesser known and used legumes, such as fava beans and black badgers, that are usually grown by British farms for export purposes.  Amazingly prior to their revival by Hodmedod’s, these locally grown products had not been eaten in Britain for centuries.

I spoke to Josiah, who told me the story of Hodmedod’s and about their future plans for supplying local peas and beans to British consumers.

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