Heart warming smoothies at IFE 2013

Another of the superb food companies that I discovered at this year’s International Food and Drink Event at London Excel was a Canterbury-based artisan producer of smoothies and fruit scoops called Heart Warmer.

I love to drink wholesome, delicious fruit smoothies – in my opinion, they really are a perfect way of discovering, blending and consuming complementary combinations of fruits that vary both in flavour and texture, to form a smooth, nutrient-dense drink.  I’m not alone in my love for these fresh fruity delights, as Britain’s love for smoothies has gradually grown since they first started entering the UK’s food vocabulary in the 1990’s. To cater for this demand, multiple smoothie brands are readily available in our supermarkets, cafes and other food outlets.  

I think that any new food producer entering a crowded, competitive market segment should have a unique selling point that makes it stand out from its already established competitors.  And that’s exactly what Heart Warmer has done.  So what is their USP? The Heart Warmer brand is the brainchild of Pranav and Kaly Bihari, and what makes their smoothies and fruit scoops different from those made by their competitors is their commitment to creating sustainable products using locally grown and sourced ingredients.

I was very happy to hear about this innovative concept, as its a fantastic idea that I feel really resonates with the public’s desire to consume local produce. When I spoke to Pranav, one of my first questions was to find out how his company makes smoothies without using a key ingredient that is found in many smoothie recipes, that is most definitely not British – the humble banana.  Pranav explained that after much experimentation, they found that oatmeal and fine quality fruits were a great substitute that add body and sweetness to their smoothies.  He also told me the story of the Heart Warmer brand and about the range of products that they make.

Here is an interview that I conducted with Pranav at the show.

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